This waterproof green laser is designed for SCUBA diving

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Introducing the incredible new SHARK LASER

Our finest laser is now smaller than a ballpoint pen. [14-47-b]

We have increased its power and miniaturized its size to make it the finest underwater laser available today. It's smaller than a ballpoint pen and brighter than any other legal underwater laser available today.

laser with pen
The Shark laser was named after the Plunket shark which is a miniature shark, little more than 3 feet long, with large green eyes to enhance its vision at the extreme depths it inhabits.

It is the brightest and smallest waterproof laser that is legal in the USA today. 






Doing it 

Using a camera bar mounted pair of lasers to measure the length of a shark

An explanation of how this works.  If the lasers on the camera bar are 2 feet apart, you know that the space between the dots on the shark are 2 feet apart.   The space between the dots would fit into the shark seven times indicating the shark is 14 feet long.

shining laser beams on shark

Some points of interest

Super Signal Device

Signal your partner even when his back is turned


Precise Pointer

Point to dangers without getting close


Laser Clamp Mount

Mount it for spearguns and fish measuring devices.


attract wildlife

Lion fish as well as many other animals such as seals, otters, sea lions and most fish will chase the green dot, setting themselves up for great photography or capture.


The double laser rig is used world wide by researchers to measure the size of live animals without harming or alarming them.


Can be used as a detterant for sharks that are coming too close. However, this is a mild teterrant, not a shark proofing protection.


Oceanco has been producing green lasers for professional and sport divers for many years. Experience and suggestions from our customers have created a continuous line of improved models over the years.

The new SHARK LASER come with a deluxe, hard shell, zippered carrying case, a battery charger, a high potency rechargeable battery, a heavy duty wrist lanyard and a set of spare O-rings.