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Introducing the incredible new SHARK LASER

Our finest laser is now smaller than a ballpoint pen. [14-17]

We have increased its power and miniaturized its size to make it the finest underwater laser available today. It's smaller than a ballpoint pen and brighter than any other legal underwater laser available today.

laser with pen
The Shark laser was named after the Plunket shark which is a miniature shark, little more than 3 feet long, with large green eyes to enhance its vision at the extreme depths it inhabits.

It is the brightest and smallest waterproof laser that is legal in the USA today. 

compare old and new 

The Moray Laser Pointer was the best waterproof laser made until we designed the SHARK LASER.  The SHARK LASER is more compact, higher powered and more rugged. It uses a single rechargeable battery.







Oceanco has been producing green lasers for professional and sport divers for many years. Experience and suggestions from our customers have created a continuous line of improved models over the years.

The new SHARK LASER come with a deluxe, hard shell, zippered carrying case, a battery charger, a high potency rechargeable battery, a heavy duty wrist lanyard and a set of spare O-rings.