The Shark Laser with a laser clamp

Mounting the Shark Laser on a spear gun or as doubles on a rig to measure fish is just a matter of using your imagination

Our new Laser Clamp allows for easy construction of various types of rigs using the lasers.  The snap in claw will hold the laser securely.  The adjustable claw includes a removable spacer cushion.  Without the cushion is is the perfect size to slide on a 3/4 inch bar.  The standard 3/4 inch PVC pipe is an easy to obtain pipe in stores like Home Depot or other hardware stores.
The center joint rotates 360 degrees so you can set the laser to aim along the length of the pipe ( such as for a spear gun sight) or at right angles to the bar for double laser measuring devices.
Laser clamp exploded
A standard 3/4 inch pipe is the perfect mount
double laser rig on 3/4 inch pipe
best position for laser

Important mounting tip

If you are using two lasers to measure targets please note the way the laser is shown mounted in the clamp to the left.  The laser body has a front half holding the laser assembly and a back half holding the battery. The laser is turned on and off by rotating the battery case.  If you have the front part in the clamp, you can turn the laser on and off without altering the aiming point of the laser.

spear gun

Mounted parallel to bar, possible mounting for a spear gun depending on your ingenuity.

cross bar

Mounted at 90 degrees from bar for rigs such as the one seen above.

Laser Clamp

This is a discounted price if purchased at the same time as a laser.  If purchased separately the price is $15 because of postage and handling.